doors are fabricated from high grade Rehau un-plasticised polyvinylchloride which is a pure form of PVC.

The uPVC we use has been specifically engineered by Rehau for the Asia Pacific Region. This means it can withstand the high UV radiation we experience in South Australia, preventing warping, twisting and fading which cheap imported products are prone to. can make custom traditional doors, french doors and three styles of sliding doors.

Traditional Hindged Door
These types of doors are excellent for entry and laundry doors. They have multi-point locking systems and offer security unlike most doors on the market today. Their parimeter weather seal and compression door locks make these doors unbeatable for acoustic performance. They can also be made in a french door arrangement where both doors open, giving maximum exit and entry space.
Traditional Sliding Doors
Whilst operating similar to traditional sliding doors, our uPVC sliding doors offer superior weather and corrosion resistance and are ideal for harsh Australian conditions. The insulation properties of double glazing also mean superior energy saving performance. The triple locking sash system offers high security with the convenience of a sliding door.
Double Tilt and Slide Door
Tilt and Slide doors are a unique design and are a new concept in Australia. The have been popular in Europe for many years. This is a very practical sliding door and has a the unique function of becoming essentially a window in the closed position, which allows for ventilation. This is excellent for room ventilation whilst maintaining security which is ideal for people with children and pets or the use of evaporative air-conditioners. This style of door offers extremely high levels of security with up to 12 integrated multipoint locks. All tracks are on the inside of the door frame which protects them from the elements and are excellent for coastal regions where salt spray can corrode and jam other types of doors.

Triple Stacker Doors
These doors offer maximum opening space due to their unique ability to stack behind one of the fixed panels, therefore giving maximum opening space. Like the traditional sliding door, these doors provide the insulation properties of double glazing also meaning superior energy saving performance.


Finishes offer more than just colourfast white uPVC. We have a unique Golden Oak wood textured finish which is difficult to distinguish from real wood even on close inspection. We offer Oyster White, Charcoal and an unique annodised finish. Enjoy the look without the maintenance.

  • Maintenance Free – standard cleaning only
  • Salt water resistant
  • Multiple silicon based weather seals – not prone to drying out and losing elasticity
  • Integrated Galvanised Steel within the frames and sashes – strength and integrity
  • Multipoint locking - continuous perimeter hardware contains numerous locking points
  • Colour Fast – uPVC is a consistent colour throughout
  • Fire Resistant – uPVC does not support a flame

Noise reduction - Tilt and turn windows and awning style windows can be fitted with a 28mm full acoustic double glazed unit with a 10.38mm laminated pane of glass outside and a 6.38 laminated pane of glass on the inside with a 10mm spacer bar. This can reduce outside noise by up to 44db (ear plugs generally only afford 33db of noise reduction)