windows are fabricated from high grade Rehau un-plasticised polyvinylchloride which is a pure form of PVC.

The uPVC we use has been specifically engineered by Rehau for the Asia Pacific Region. This means it can withstand the high UV radiation we experience in South Australia, preventing warping, twisting and fading which cheap imported products are prone to. offers four main styles of windows.

European style tilt and turn
Tilt and Turn windows allow for ease of cleaning and a means of escape for multi storey buildings. Their unique tilt position gives improved security even if left open to allow for evaporative cooling air flow.
Traditional Awning Style
Scissor winders create even seal compression between the sash and the frame resulting in a consistent, weather tight seal.
Sliding window
Our sliding window units have a dual multipoint locking sash system providing increased security combined with the convenience of a sliding window.
Sliding Stacker Windows
Our sliding stacker windows provide greater opening than the normal sliding window and are often used as servery windows.
Custom Designs
Our window systems can be used to create spectacular Bay, Bow and Arched windows. Talk to us about your vision and we will custom design a window solution tailored to your needs.
Finishes offer more than just colourfast white uPVC. We have a unique Golden Oak wood textured finish which is difficult to distinguish from real wood even on close inspection. We offer Oyster White, Charcoal and an unique annodised finish. Enjoy the look without the maintenance.


  • Maintenance Free – standard cleaning only
  • Salt water resistant
  • Multiple silicon based weather seals – not prone to drying out and losing elasticity
  • Integrated Galvanised Steel within the frames and sashes – strength and integrity
  • Multipoint locking - continuous perimeter hardware contains numerous locking points
  • Colour Fast – uPVC is a consistent colour throughout
  • Fire Resistant – uPVC does not support a flame

Noise reduction - Tilt and turn windows and awning style windows can be fitted with a 28mm full acoustic double glazed unit with a 10.38mm laminated pane of glass outside and a 6.38 laminated pane of glass on the inside with a 10mm spacer bar. This can reduce outside noise by up to 44db (ear plugs generally only afford 33db of noise reduction)