Double glazing your doors is just as important as your windows. Why? For a number of reasons… you don’t have to clean them extensively, they’re salt resistant (if you live close to the beach), fire resistant, and offer multipoint locking. They reduce noise by up to 44db, and they better, with uPVC a consistent colour. So as you can see, double glazing isn’t for windows.

We fabricate double glazed doors from high grade Rehau un-plasticised polyvinylchloride, which is a pure form of PVC.

The three most popular styles of double glazed doors include traditional hinged, traditional sliding, and double tilt doors.

Traditional Hinged

These types of doors are great for entry and laundry doors. They have multi-point locking systems and offer security unlike any other modern door. Their parameter weather seal and compression door locks make the traditional hinge option unbeatable for acoustic performance. They can also be customised in a French door arrangement, where both doors open, for maximum entry and exit space.

Traditional Sliding

This style of door functions similarly to traditional sliding doors, however its weather and corrosion resistance is unparalleled. Traditional sliding doors are perfect for Australian conditions, and the triple locking sash system offers high security, with the convenience of a sliding door.

Double Tilt

Tilt and slide doors are a unique concept in Australia. They have been popular in Europe for many years. This is a very practical sliding door and has a unique function of becoming essentially a window in the closed position, which allows for ventilation. This is ideal for families with children and pets, as it provides both ventilation and maintains security. Double tilt doors offer extremely high levels of security with up to 12 integrated multipoint locks. All tracks are on the inside of the door frame, which protects them from outdoor conditions and extreme weather – making them perfect for coastal regions where salt spray can corrode and jam other types of doors.