Will double-glazing improve my security?

Approximately 30% of all home burglaries occur through open or unlocked windows. Double-glazing has multiple security layers to prevent unwanted guests in your home. You can choose windows and doors with stainless steel multiple-point locking hardware – e.g. tilt and turn – and you can install lockable handles to all windows. This means with one turn of the handle your window will be secured from several points.

In addition to this, double-glazed glass can only be removed from the inside of the home. The varying methods of protection that double-glazing provides makes it a very hard window to break into.

Old faulty windows make easy entry for intruders. Double-glazing is also visibly different, so they act as a deterrent against unwanted intruders and keep your family safe and secure.

Furthermore, double-glazing has an increased resistance to breakage as a result of physical stresses caused by different temperatures within a pane – and intruders trying to get in – making it very difficult to break. If broken, the shards normally stay in place.