Noise insulation

Reduce traffic noise to a whisper with our uPVC windows and doors. Noise reduction of up to 44 dB is achievable.

Coastal Applications

The salt water air in coastal regions can be very destructive. Our uPVC frames are resistant to all atmospheric conditions and make them ideal for use in all Australian climates.


DoubleGlazed windows and door systems have multiple weather seals to protect each opening. Windows remain completely draught proof and water tight, even under the most severe weather conditions.

Fire resistant

Tests show the uPVC used in the manufacture of windows and doors was self extinguishing and did not support flame when the fire source was removed. Our system is suitable for use in properties assessed up to BAL 29.

Added security

Most DoubleGlazed doors and windows feature multi point locking, a safe barrier against unwanted intruders. All of our sliding doors come with an integrated Invisi-guard security screen.

Care & maintenance

To care for the frames the occasional wipe down with a damp cloth is all that is required. Periodic inspection and lubrication of drive gear will ensure a lifetime of trouble free use.

Australian Standard approval

All systems have passed rigorous structural, air-infiltration and water penetration tests to current Australian standards and comply with the Building Code of Australia.

Advanced construction

Frames and sashes are of a one piece construction. Unlike timber or aluminium, our corners have no screws, nails or rivets. Our designs are fusion welded to give superior strength and weather sealing.

UV resistant windows and doors are manufactured from Rehau unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC), a high impact, ultra violet and weather resistant material which is ideal for Australia's harsh conditions.

Design possibilities

The true strength of the DoubleGlazed system is that it lends itself well to unique design concepts and possibilities. Almost any style and combination is possible. Talk to us about your ideas.