Up to 87% of heat gain and up to 49% of heat loss occurs through windows. This means that homes with single glazing use up to a staggering 60% more energy to heat and cool. 

Double glazing can significantly reduce the amount of heat and sound that travels through windows and combined with a thermally broken frame such as uPVC and a glass coating like low-E or a laminate like Lam-Hush we can improve this performance even further. 

Insulated glass units

New technologies have greatly improved the energy efficiency of glass. Heat travels relatively easily through ordinary glass. In winter heat travels out your home and in summer it travels in. This process can be slowed with insulation. 

The incorporation of Insulated Glass Units (double glazing) into windows is an established approach to improving the thermal performance.

This insulating layer not only helps with heat transfer but also sound. Combined with uPVC frames, installed and sealed properly, insulated glass units can reduce noise by up to 65% compared to ordinary glass.

Low-E and Solar Control glass

Double glazed units perform very well on their own but we can improve the solar control and thermal efficiency by adding different types of low-e coatings to the glass. 

The staff at DoubleGlazed can work with you to choose the best coatings for your needs. 

For example, for your north facing bedrooms you may want improved thermal performance with the opportunity for passive solar heating in winter but for your west facing living area you need the ultimate solar control. We are here to guide you through your options.


Laminated glass for sound

Double glazing within a uPVC frame can help with reducing noise significantly but some clients may need extra performance. Whether it’s caused by barking dogs, aircraft, noisy neighbours or perhaps its the sound coming from your own home music studio you want to keep in, unwanted noise travelling in or out can have a huge impact on the enjoyment of your home. Visit our case study section to read about clients who benefited from choosing this glass.

As glass is only one part of the room, all other components must be assessed, including walls, floors roof and noise entry points such as vents however glass plays a vital part. Viridian’s Lam Hush range of laminated glass has been specifically developed to help block external noise and provide superior sound insulation.