Frame Colours

Our frames are available in 7 designs. White and oyster are solid colours (the uPVC is this colour), for ceylon, golden oak and anthracite the colour is created by using a high performance foil which is factory applied to the uPVC base. For the anthracite frame it is applied to both sides and for ceylon and golden oak you have the choice either just on the outside with white inside or on both sides. All the finishes we offer are durable, scratch resistant and can be easily cleaned so look newer for longer. The solid uPVC and foil finishes are designed for South Australian UV levels which means the colour is guaranteed not to deteriorate or fade over time.


White remains the most popular option, giving a fresh and clean look that is timeless. Our uPVC is treated to prevent any discolouration in the sun. Take a look at our office windows when you visit our showroom, they have been in western sun for over 10 years and they are still as white as the day they were installed. 


Our ceylon (sometimes known as charcoal) is a foil finish and the perfect mix of brown and black, dark but with warm tones. This contemporary foil can be applied just on the outside of your windows with white inside or to both inside and out. One of our most popular selections for new builds as it ties in nicely with monument colourbond.


Our golden oak is a foil finish and continues to be a favourite with customers who want a maintenance free woodgrain finish. This colour can be applied just on the outside of your windows with white on the inside or both inside and out. This choice is popular in both new build and retrofits. 


An off white solid colour that is popular with heritage properties or those looking for a more classic design.


For those keen on sticking to grey tones, this grained anthracite foil is applied to inside and outside of the frame.