By installing Low-E double glazing, you can say goodbye to condensation... forever. No more having to put up with it on the room-side of the window – the side you see every day. And double glazed systems that include warm edge spacers, otherwise known as thermal breaks, further support reducing condensation. Windows that are properly sealed should dehydrate the air in the cavity.

There are other things that you can do to reduce condensation around the home.

Follow these five tips.

1. Shutting off humidifying devices in every room
2. Turn on kitchen fans more often, and keep them on for longer
3. Open up your fireplace damper to encourage moisture to escape easier
4. Open up your windows. Air out your house, every day. Make sure you do this in the kitchen, laundry and all of the bathrooms – during or just following use
5. Call a heating contractor if you’re still experiencing condensation.

There may be a specific problem with your furnace, heaters and appliances, or fans. By far, converting to double glazed windows and doors is the best option to combat condensation.