Custom Double Glazing Solutions

We have helped a number of customers who were looking for a custom double-glazing solution.

“I got these double glazed windows that I actually saw in Germany. I was so impressed with those and Paul was able to replicate exactly what I explained to him,” said one happy customer.

Having experienced Double Glazing in Europe, he was happy to be able to access it in Australia at last. “The quality is exactly what was expected. I would recommend to others with no hesitation.”

“Once customers get to understand the Scottish accent they should be OK,” he teases. We continue to make our customers happy with our work, and our accents.

Another customer came to us searching for a team who fully understood double-glazing. “I know that double glazing was the way to go but I couldn’t find anyone until I came across Paul,” he said.

“They had great enthusiasm for the application in a challenging house. Plus being a Scotsman he knows what it’s like to be cold. Paul knows his product through and through.”

A builder with over 30 years experience came to us recently looking to install “the best product in my own house.” The team were able to deliver high quality noise insulation, waterproofing, added security and UV protection, all custom made to suit his house.

“When there are two panes of glass with that void in between then that doesn’t come through to the inside. It makes a big difference,” he told us.

“It doesn’t cool down as much at night and the sound improvement with our house situated on a noisy road in Clarendon is incredible. With the windows shut you don’t hear a thing.”