Double Glazed Windows & Doors in Elizabeth, Adelaide

Double glazing, also known as insulated glazing, cuts out noise and heat transmission through windows and doors – with the use of two panes of glass. Forget about standard single-glazed windows anymore. You don’t have to be cold, distracted by outside noise, or paying more than you need to on your energy bills. Switching to double glazed panes, you’ll discover year-round comfort, in all areas of your life at home.

If you live in Elizabeth, you’ve probably heard about theft in the area. It’s known as a low socio economic suburb, and crime is high. But it’s a great area. It’s affordable, close to a major shopping centre, and it’s a growing region. So, concerns about security shouldn’t deter you – you just need to be proactive.

Your windows and doors shouldn’t encourage thieves

Don’t make yourself vulnerable. Your windows and doors are major entry points for thieves. And most break ins happen through them. Single glazing simply doesn’t provide enough protection against someone trying to enter your home. They will remove the pane of glass from the window, which in many houses, is fitted from the front. But if they can’t remove the glass pane, like in the case of double glazing, they’re not going to have much success. Or if they try to force the window open, they won’t be able to because of the added layer of glass. It’s too difficult to open – and forget about trying to break it. And if it’s too hard, they’ll move onto their next target. Plus, the added security features on double glazing such as the multi-point locking and strong uPVC framing make it virtually impossible to get in.

Double your security, by double glazing

Remember, for a thief, time is the most important thing. Even if it looks too hard, they’re not going to bother. And even if they do try and attempt getting in, they’ll soon learn it’s next to impossible. So, toughen up your home by toughening up your windows and doors – with double glazing. If you’re worried about safety in your neighbourhood, double glazing your windows and doors will give you peace of mind. Contact us today, on 08 8186 1444 or email Find out more about what we do, here.