Double Glazed Windows & Doors in Glenelg, Adelaide

At, we know our windows and doors. Proudly South Australia, our double glazed solutions are made for our conditions – hot summers and cold winters.

We focus on producing environmentally sustainable products, coupled with sustainable methods and practices – during both production and installation. Glenelg residents choose us for their double glazing needs, because we understand the specific needs of living by the beach.


Condensation is a big concern for Glenelg residents. There are also a lot of old single-paned homes in Glenelg, which have problems with condensation. Mould and mildew damage the frames and the timber rots. Over time, extensive water damage can cost you a lot of money. Double glazed windows reduce the chance of condensation occurring. The inner pane of the window serves as a barrier between the sharp fluctuations in temperature. Excess moisture is no longer an issue.

Strong winds

Beachside homes are also prone to stronger winds. This means there’s a lot of outside noise getting inside. One of the best features about double glazed windows is that they’re as sound proof as windows get. With an extra layer, your windows will absorb outside noise, before it gets into your home. Glenelg is also very close to the airport, and Anzac Highway – so noise can be a major problem here.

Salt damage

And we can’t forget about salt damage. Glenelg is right by the water, so weather damage is a concern. At, we use uPVC – which is resistant to weathering, corrosion, and abrasion. 90% of our uPVC applications are designed for long-term use. The Water Services Association of Australia’s Sewer Drain Code gives uPVC pipe a Category A-rating, signifying a life expectancy of over 100 years.

Glenelg is a tourist hotspot for Adelaide, South Australia. In summer, it’s the mecca for swimming, dining out, walking around, and watching the sunset. There are plenty of restaurants that could benefit from double glazing.

Reduced heat loss means less usage of the heater in winter, and air conditioner in summer. Businesses and homes can save a great amount of money, by converting over to double glazing. Also, low maintenance costs, post-installation, and the long lifespan leads to savings down the track.

Glenelg is the best suburb for double glazing. It’s by the beach, features many old heritage homes, and is home to many businesses that could benefit from reducing their energy consumption.

If you’re thinking about updating your windows and doors to double glazing, contact us – call 08 8186 1444, or email Find out more about what we do, here.