Double Glazed Windows & Doors in Mawson Lakes

Mawson Lakes is on the map for one of the new hot spots to live. It’s not just the easy access to Adelaide via Main North Road that making people flock to Mawson Lakes. It’s home to a University of South Australia campus, which is attracting young people to live and work in the area. There are new apartment buildings, major brands and infrastructure continuously being added to the suburb.

Close to Parafield Airport


There’s not many suburbs so developed that’s right next to an airport. Mawson Lakes’ next-door neighbour is Parafield Airport. Planes fly overhead every day, and trucks and cars travel on the highways close by – Main North Road, Princess Highway, and Salisbury Highway. The streets closest to the airport include Nelson Crescent, Isla Circuit, Lucia Place, Borduy Place, Bimini Crescent, and Gomera Street.

Uni SA campus, Endeavour College & research centres


Houses close to Mawson Lakes Boulevard could be susceptible to noise from people and public transport. There’s the University of SA campus, Endeavour College, the Institute of Telecommunications Research, the Technology Park, and a school. Buses and cars travel along the boulevard day and night. There are also a number of restaurants and cafes situated along the street, near the lake.

Streets that are susceptible to noise issues include Lakeside Court, Frome Crescent, McKinlay Court, Peninsula Drive, Grandview Court, Park Way, Discovery Way, Second Avenue, and Signal Court. These homes are also close to Main North Road, which is one of Adelaide’s busiest roads.

Enjoy lakeside living, without the noise from the nearby airport, highways, and activity centres.

Soundproof your Mawson Lakes home with double glazing. Noise pollution is a major issue for homeowners close to highways, airports and places with lots of foot traffic. Double glaze your windows to help insulate against outside noise by up to 35 decibels.

Mawson Lakes is almost a little city in itself. But if you’re struggling with outside noise, don’t move. The simple solution is to double glaze your windows and doors. Contact us today, on 08 8186 1444 or email

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