Double Glazed Windows & Doors in Port Adelaide

Port Adelaide is the first state heritage area in South Australia. It’s home to the most substantial and continuous group of colonial buildings. This historical town is also the state’s major port, so there’s a lot of movement going in and out.

Keep your old colonial house warm this winter

Old, colonial houses are renowned for getting cold in winter. Because the houses are older, there’s more cracks and things just aren’t as sealed. Drafts, cracks in old window seals, high ceilings… it’s no wonder you can’t keep warm.

Double glazed windows keep households a pleasant temperature by acting as a barrier between harsh South Australian winters and summers. The inside temperature of a home can be up to 8-12 degrees celsius cooler than a home with standard windows. Generally speaking, double-glazed windows and doors will keep the temperature inside your home between 22-23 degrees all year round, which means little or no heating and cooling costs.

As a result, two important things occur.

  1. House stays warmer: Double glazing acts as insulation, helping reduce the passage of hot or cold air between the inside and the outside of the house. This means the inside air stays warmer for longer.
  2. Less condensation: Double-glazing helps prevent condensation from occurring inside the house when it is cold outside and warm inside. This is due to the reduction in airflow.

There are many houses with high ornate Victorian Cove ceilings and fireplaces. Lipson Street, Todd Street and between the port and Ottoway are known for their old, heritage homes. Edith Street, Henry Street, Lee Terrace and all of those little streets in that area are close to the train line – so sound proofing is extra important.

And Port Adelaide’s surrounding suburbs have many of these houses too. Alberton, Exeter, Queenstown, Rosewater and Cheltenham homes could benefit from double-glazing.

If you’re living in an old house that doesn’t seem to retain any heat during winter, we can help. Contact us today, on 08 8186 1444 or email Find out more about what we do, here.