Double Glazed Windows & Doors in Thebarton

On the other side of town, we’ve got Thebarton. It’s a small suburb pocketed in between Bonython Park and busy South Road. At the northern end of Thebarton there’s the Entertainment Centre.

With only the park in between Thebarton and Adelaide’s West Terrace, it’s an area that attracts a lot of young people working in the city. Thebarton is also close to Bowden – one of the city’s newest cool, industrial areas. It’s an area that’s buzzing with activity, especially on weekends. And we can’t forget about the new Royal Adelaide Hospital that’s getting built on the west end of North Terrace.

Thebarton is more than just a cute suburb on the outskirts of the city – it’s becoming a destination.

Entertainment centres, new hospital, major roads, industrial businesses

Homes close to Thebarton Theatre often hear a lot of the noise from the festivals and acts that play there. Rose Street, Taylor’s Lane, Parker Street, Kintore Lane, Devon Street, and Goodenough Street are situated close by.

And then there are the residents close to the Entertainment Centre. Adam Street, Manton Street, Richard Street, Nile Street, Holden Street, Bacon Street, Holland Street, and Walsh Street aren’t far from the action.

Port Road is a busy road, which might affect homes on Anderson Street, Winwood Street, Phillips Street, and Smith Street. Thebarton is also a hub for industrial businesses, with many warehouses and big buildings. This also adds to the rustic, industrial feel to the area.

There are homes close to South Road with major buildings surrounding the area. This includes houses on West Thebarton Road, Ann Nelson Drive, Bennett Street, Ballantyne Street, Walter Street, Livingstone Street, Ross Street, and August Street – plus all the little streets close by.

When it comes to standard windows, a single 3mm sheet of glass is used. It isn’t enough to provide noise insulation. Thicker glass is required – double glazing.

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