Double Glazed Windows & Doors in Victor Harbor

Victor Harbour… it’s one of the most popular suburbs in Adelaide’s far south. In summer, it’s buzzing with families enjoying their beach getaways. But in winter, it’s a completely different vibe. There’s a lot less people and beach houses aren’t as full. At, we keep your beach house secure – even during the quiet, winter months.

Don’t worry about your beach house, when you’re not there

Did you know, 30% of break-ins happen through windows and doors? And the scary this is, if you’re not around, how do you prevent it from happening? If you own a beach house in Victor Harbor, but you only stay there during the summer, double-glazing is something you might like to consider.

Double-glazing has multiple security layers to prevent unwanted guests in your home. You can choose windows and doors with stainless steel multiple- point locking hardware – e.g. tilt and turn – and you can install lockable handles to all windows. This means with one turn of the handle your window will be secured from several points.

In addition to this, double-glazed glass can only be removed from the inside of the home. The varying methods of protection that double-glazing provides make it a very hard window to break into. Old faulty windows make easy entry for intruders. Double-glazing is also visibly different, so they act as a deterrent against unwanted intruders and keep your family safe and secure.

Ocean Street is Victor Harbor’s busiest street. It’s full of shops and pubs – attracting many people to the area. People walk the streets at night and it’s also where schoolies is held. Keep your house safe, especially if it’s in this area, by double-glazing your windows and doors.

Save money on power, during the high season

The glass applied to a double glazed window is known for its thermal insulation – Low E, or low-emissivity glass. Low E glass has a transparent metallic coating that works to reduce energy use, by reducing the rate of emission of absorbed heat of the glass surface.

Double-glazing can be great for beach houses, because it reflects heat back inside your house. Say goodbye to those hefty electricity bills from your summer stay.

If you own a beach house in Victor Harbour but you’re not there for longer than 4 weeks per year, you can benefit from double-glazing. Contact us today, on 08 8186 1444 or email Find out more about what we do, here.