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Noise Reduction Case Study Adelaide, South Australia

Noise is a part of life when we live in towns and cities close by with other people and businesses but sometimes it gets too much and can negatively affect our quality of life. Busy roads, construction, aircraft around Adelaide Airport and noisy neighbours are all potential sources of excess noise. The EPA has guidelines and information for how to deal with high noise levels in your area but time and effort is required and solutions aren’t always available.

This case study is about one of our customers who was dealing with high noise levels from aircraft passing low overhead. He tested the noise levels before and after the installation of our double glazed windows and these were the results;


Aircraft Noise Levels Before (May 2016) in dB(A) Noise Levels After (June 2017) in dB(A)
737 (Carrier Unknown) 77.4 72
A350 (Qatar Airways) 101 69
777 (Emirates) 110 77


Before and after acoustic readings of the regular Emirates Boeing 777 flights showed a decrease from 110 dB which is equivalent to a live rock concert, to 77 dB which is equivalent to a dishwasher.

Double Glazed windows and doors feature two panes of glass with a sealed space in between which has excellent noise reduction and insulating properties. In many colder climates around the world, Double Glazing is a legal requirement in new constructions but they’re only just starting to catch on in Australia. We’ve been in the business for 13 years in Adelaide and are the top experts in South Australia.

We’re incredibly lucky to live in Adelaide, which consistently ranks as one of the most livable cities in the world, but that doesn’t mean that our quality of life couldn’t be improved in some respects. Disruptive noise levels are one of the main problems with our airport being so close to the city and a car culture to has lead to major roads crisscrossing the suburbs.

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