Selling a Beachside Apartment

Erik Kroon, a beachside apartment owner required double-glazing to reduce noise, wind and cold air coming inside. Erik was selling his apartment and wanted fantastic looking double-glazing.

“It beats all my expectations,” he recently told us. Two apartment buyers, with a high level of building construction expertise have acknowledged that without double glazed windows their purchase decision would have not been that easy.

At initial consultation, there was a difference in opinion regarding the installation product. Our design and construction team are comfortable working with standard aluminium framed products, however we agreed to enhance Erik’s new direction by installing German specific and designed product.

We made it our priority to deliver high quality double glazed doors and windows, supplied and installed on time at the multimillion dollar apartment building at 40 Esplanade Somerton Park South Australia.

It was important for the customer to be able to clean the windows from inside which is recognised by builder Badge Constructions. Erik also tells us our after-hour maintenance service sets us apart from our competitors.

At the time of writing his email to us, Erik said, “it is 8 degrees C, high winds and tail outside. Not that I can notice it from inside.” hopes to work with more building owners thanks to our successful project with Erik.