Are double glazed windows soundproof?

Are double glazed windows soundproof?

There are a number different ways that noise travels through windows. These can include:

  • Vibrations from outside conduct the noise through the glass and frames leading to increased internal noise
  • Air infiltration between window joints and poor seals contribute to noise seeping into your home or building.

The good news is it’s easy to control outside noise from roads, neighbours and animals by installing noise-reducing technology such as double glazing.

Double glazing is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to soundproof windows and solve your noise problems. Essentially, double glazing is an add-on glazing system fitted on the inside of your windows, which in turn acts to reduce outside noise. It doesn’t matter where you live – double glazed windows can be installed in standard houses, heritage style houses, townhouses, units and modern houses. Double glazing is perfect to install if you’re replacing windows, renovating or building a new house – where noise reduction is important.

The glass we use at DoubleGlazed can reduce noise by up to 65% compared to ordinary glass – specifically designed to reduce unwanted noise. Ways of doing this are:

  • Maximising the width of the air space
  • Using glass of different thicknesses
  • Incorporating acoustic laminated glass in one or both panes

Our tilt and turn windows and awning style windows and hinged and tilt and slide doors can be fitted with a 28mm full acoustic double glazed unit with a 10.38mm laminated pane of glass outside and a 6.38 laminated pane of glass on the inside with a 12mm spacer bar. This can reduce outside noise by up to 44db (ear plugs generally only afford 33db of noise reduction).

It’s important to understand that houses have other entry points for noise such as wall vents, ceilings, leaky doors, loose fitting doors and floors – all of which need to be properly sealed for a holistic approach.

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