Can I get rid of condensation forever?

Can I get rid of condensation forever?

Double glazing can help you can say goodbye to condensation… forever. No more having to mop up water on the room-side of the window.

Why does it occur in homes?

The air surrounding us in our homes always contains water vapour, which is invisible. A typical example is the steam cloud from a kettle, which rapidly becomes invisible – it has in fact been absorbed into the atmosphere.

The warmer the air, the more water vapour it can hold – but there is a limit to the amount it can hold for a given temperature. When that limit is reached, the air is said to be ‘saturated’.

When saturated air comes into contact with a surface that is at a lower temperature than itself, the air is chilled at the point of contact and sheds its surplus water vapour on that surface – initially in the form of a mist and, if excessive, eventually in the form of droplets of moisture.

An example of this is when a person breathes onto a mirror: condensation occurs because the exhaled air is saturated and its temperature is higher than that of the mirror (which is at room temperature). By installing double glazing you increase the temperature of the inside surface of the window therefore reducing the chance of condensation in winter.

Double glazing is only only one part of avoiding this, the secret to a healthy condensation free home is ventilate ventilate ventilate.

Open windows and turn on extractor fans during and after activities like cooking, showering and drying clothes. The circulating air reduces the risk of danger from harmful indoor pollutants like mould being produced within the home. This helps to provide a healthy and comfortable internal environment for the occupants of a home.

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