Can double glazed windows & doors be installed in offices, workshops & buildings?

Can double glazed windows & doors be installed in offices, workshops & buildings?

It’s not only homeowners that can benefit from installing double glazed products, business owners can too. Double glazed windows and doors can be installed in offices, workshops and buildings to reduce power consumption without affecting the comfort of employees.

Single glazed windows allow the transfer of noise in and out of buildings which can affect productivity for businesses close to busy roads and construction sites. Businesses can reduce outside noise to a whisper through its noise reduction of up to 44dB. Typically speaking, double glazing reduces the level of noise transmitted between 50-75%.

Safety is also a strong factor of double glazing. Most double glazed products feature multi-point locking which provides a safety barrier to compliment alarms against intruders. uPVC products are also fire resistant – a huge benefit for commercial spaces.

It’s important to choose a double-glazing company who can help you select and design the best double glazing solution for your building. Double glazing, done right, can deliver large cost savings on energy bills for the strata management company or tenants.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Further reasons to install double glazing products include:

  • Office or shop rejuvenation
  • A lifetime of energy savings – value for money
  • Little need for heating and cooling
  • Custom measured, precise fit doors and windows
  • No more condensation – spend less on cleaning
  • No cracking or peeling – spend less on repairs
  • Low maintenance
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