Does it really matter where your windows and doors come from?

Does it really matter where your windows and doors come from?

Over the last decade, the number of uPVC window manufacturers in Australia has increased. New companies have entered the market, manufacturing thousands a week – at a very low cost. While this is great for the customer, a low price doesn’t necessarily mean it’s of high quality and if there is one component of your house you don’t want to fail it’s your windows and doors.

When choosing your window supplier its important to check a number of things –

  • As with any product online reviews on independent websites will give you a good idea of the type of company you are dealing with.
  • Check that the uPVC frame system they use is from a reputable company and designed for the high UV levels we experience in South Australia
  • Check that the coloured foil they use designed for the high UV levels. Ask for proof.
  • Is the window tested to the wind load and for the weather it will experience in its lifetime? This is important for coastal or exposed properties.
  • Is the product tested to Australian standards?
  • Is the glass made locally or imported? What happens if it breaks, how quickly can you get a replacement?
  • What is the experience of the surveyor measuring up for your new windows, do they have a builders licence? What happens if they get it wrong?
  • Does the company employ its installers? What is their experience?

If you can, try to choose a company that makes AND installs their own windows in South Australia, this can minimise any chance of problems arising later on. You might pay a few more dollars, but it will be worth it to have your new double glazed windows and doors custom made for your house locally.

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