Is double glazing safe for children and pets?

Windows are one of the things in houses that cause the most accidents. If your home windows are single glazed, children or pets coming into fast contact with them can be extremely unsafe.

Fitting your windows with double glazing will increase the safety of your home because they’re almost unbreakable. Unless you know exactly where to hit the glass, breaking double glazing glass is next to impossible. We either toughen or laminate every pane of glass we supply to avoid any accidents which may occur, this is above and beyond building regulation requirements.

Think about it. If the glass is fire resistant, a small child or pet coming into contact with it isn’t going to affect it much. It’s harder to break and is much less likely to get damaged upon impact. This means your home is safer – from even the most active child. Compare this to an object that’s coming at a single pane of glass. The force of the hit breaks the glass in a second. It doesn’t exactly make for a safe environment, does it?